Tuesday, February 28, 2017
College Quad

Tell Us About Life AroundCampus

We all chose the school we attend for a reason. Sometimes it's because of tuition, other times it's because of the academic programs they offer, and sometimes it's even because of...
Valentine's Dinner

Last Minute Valentine’s Date That Won’t Break the Bank

It's February 14th and you haven't made your Valentine's Day plans yet. Guys, you know that you're going to be in the dog house. Ladies, you know he probably is ok...

To Our Valentine, You!

The holidays can mean different things to different people. Often times they are full of wonderful memories and excitement, and other times it can be difficult to cope with a recent...
Blue Blood Rivalry

Blue Blood Rivalry

One of college sports’ most epic basketball rivalries now has a new game day tradition. Blue Blood Rivalry and Endurance Magazine will be launching their very first Blue Blood Rivalry 5k...
Friends Studying

Friends with (Study) Benefits

When it comes to studying, there are two schools of thought: those who think you should study alone and those who think studying in groups is actually more helpful. We’ll admit that...
Photograph of a spiral notebook with different writing utensils beside it

Write This Down: How to Take the Best Notes in Class

Making good grades and getting back tests that are refrigerator worthy all begins with the notes you take in class. Learning how to take notes effectively can be tricky, and different...
Successful Young Professionals

Where do the Most Successful New College Grads Come From?

There are many different things to base a college decision on. For some, location is key. It might be important to stay close to home or to gain independence by venturing...
Happy 2017

Setting the Bar Low This New Year

We all try so hard, but with some New Year’s resolutions you just can’t even. Any of these top seven resolutions sound familiar? 1. Eat Healthier You take the initiative and buy a...
Puerto Rico Spring Break

10 Reasons to Go to Puerto Rico for Spring Break

It’s never too early to be thinking about Spring Break plans! This time last year, I was buying my tickets to go to Puerto Rico, and it was one of the...
Unwrapping Christmas Presents

Stages of Unwrapping Christmas Presents

The most magical time of the year is here, that is, the end of this horrible year. Just kidding! It's the holidays!!!! As we are stepping out of food coma from Christmas,...

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