Tuesday, February 28, 2017
College a Four Year Breakdown

College: Four Year Breakdown

College is a whirlwind experience. Between classes, parties, and other extracurriculars (you know the ones), there's a lot going on. It can be the best 4 (5,6, or 7) years of...
UNC BUcket List

Bucket List: UNC-Chapel Hill

As a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill, it is about time I start thinking about my bucket list to complete here before I graduate in 2018. It took some time to think...
Blurred photo of a desk and chair

Experiences You Have When You Live In A Dorm

If you've ever had to live in a dorm, then you can probably think of a handful of situations you've experienced that would only happen in a dorm. While a lot...
Photo of the class of 2018 before the big parade during Corn Huskin' week at Meredith College.

Meredith College’s Homecoming Tradition – Corn Huskin’

It seems these days that a lot of colleges and universities (small schools especially) have the strangest, and most intense and exciting traditions during Homecoming season. This can definitely be said...
What Is UTM Rope Pull

What The Heck Is UT Martin’s “Rope Pull”?

WRITTEN BY: KATE (SUTHERLAND) STAGGS Homecoming One of the many things I love about my alma mater, the University of Tennessee at Martin (GO SKYHAWKS!) is what thousands of college kids across the...
Three young men sitting on the couch that look uncomfortable

How To Deal With A Less Than Perfect Roommate

It happens to most of us in some way during our college experience – roommate problems. The kinds of issues you may have with your roommate(s) could encompass anything. From living...
College: Expectations vs Reality

College: Expectations vs Reality

We all have this image of what life in college is going to be like thanks to movies, TV shows, and stories from friends and older siblings. But sometimes what we...
30 Rock

The 5 Stages of Grieving Fall Semester Told By 30 Rock

The fives stages of grief are generally associated with serious matters, typically the loss of a loved one, and should not be spoken of lightly. That being said, the ‘loved one’...
student org fair

5 Tips for Getting Involved on Campus

Getting involved on Campus can help you grow as a person as well as those around you. I absolutely loved my time invested in student organizations and wouldn’t trade it in...
first week of school

11 Ways to Make the Most of Your First Week of College

The first week of college can feel like a bit much, especially if you are an out-of-state student trying to absorb the culture shock. Between buying textbooks, setting up your dorm,...

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