5 easy outfits to wear to class

Getting up for that 8:30 is never easy. If you’re like me you don’t even realize how you have dressed yourself, sleepily, in the dark, until you’re sitting in a lecture hall full of people. Yes I am a fashion major at the University of South Carolina, and no I don’t dress up for class every day. Something I would actually like to work on this semester is getting up and getting to class with minimal effort and not dressing like a hobo. So, in order to address this issue I have brainstormed a list of easy outfits to throw on and rush off to class to look moderately put together.

1. Shorts and a T-shirt adaptation

Shorts and a T-shirt adaptation

Instead of a massive tent of a T-shirt and athletic shorts, try a pair of dark, cloth shorts or denim shorts paired with a basic, flowy tank top or T-shirt. Complete with a lacey bralette and some simple jewelry with cute sneakers, you’ve got the comfort of a simple outfit with the style of someone who tried this morning.

2. Sweatshirt and leggings adaptation

Sweatshirt and leggings adaptation

The ultimate comfy outfit for chilly weather and you don’t even have to wear a bra. Throw on some solid leggings and a graphic sweatshirt in a similar color pallette and trendy sneakers and there you go. Bonus points if you can perfect the messy bun.

3. Dress adaptation

Dress adaptation

My favorite part about this outfit is that there are no pants involved. Find a comfy,cotton T-shirt dress or shift dress in a polyester-cotton type material that won’t wrinkle is a solid color paired with non-running sneakers. The trick is you’ll look like you tried but there is little to no effort involved in pulling this off.

4. T-shirt and jeans adaptation


Throw on your favorite pair of casual denim, preferably light wash or destroyed, and cuff the ankle. Paired with those wear-everywhere sneakers, a wide-neck, vintage T-shirt, and a baseball cap you have the perfect lazy-trendy-girl outfit.

5. Sweatpants adaptation

Sweatpants adaptation

Joggers are you’re new best friend. They’re basically trendy sweatpants that are modeled after a skinny jean or cropped trouser. So pair a solid color with a knotted T-shirt and sneakers or sandals and you have the perfect not-real-pants outfit.