College Quad

We all chose the school we attend for a reason. Sometimes it’s because of tuition, other times it’s because of the academic programs they offer, and sometimes it’s even because of their sports teams!

Once we get to campus, we start to experience things that only students at our school experience. Whether it’s a ridiculous professor everyone regrets taking, a unique homecoming event, the best bars and nightlife, terrible dining hall food, or dorm life.

That’s why we want to get your thoughts on life at your school. What are the 10 things that only students at your university know to be true? What are the 10 pros and cons to life at XX university? What are the 10 things you’re going to miss about it when you graduate?

If you’d like to share a quick tidbit about life on campus, shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll publish your thoughts!