With summer finally here, you are most likely spending more time outdoors in the sun. Whether or not you’re working on your tan or simply participating in outdoor activities, the suns rays can and will damage your skin. The ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun’s rays is stronger than ever these days because of the depleting ozone layer, something that is supposed to be a shield against these harmful rays. Sunscreens help prevent this radiation from penetrating the skin by acting as an additional protective layer between your skin and the sun. Here are a few ways that applying sunscreen will keep your skin looking and feeling healthy this summer.

1. Decreases your risk of skin cancer

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation causes damage in the DNA of your skin cells and when enough damage has built up cells can start growing uncontrollably, leading to cancer. Most occurrences of skin cancer appear on skin that has been exposed to the sun. Sunscreens are composed of certain chemicals that can either reflect the sun’s rays away from the skin or absorb those rays so that our skin doesn’t. By applying sunscreen every time you go outside, your skin will accrue less damage and less possibility of having to sit through draining cancer treatments.

2. Helps maintain youthful skin

The physical appearance of your skin can also change because of exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Some of these changes can be associated with skin cancer, such as the sudden appearance of new freckles or moles. However, these are not the only physical changes the skin can go through. Damage from ultraviolet radiation can cause changes to the deeper skin, such as elastic fibers and collagen. This eventually causes your skin to lose its ability to hold its shape resulting in wrinkles and aging. Sunscreen’s reflective properties allow for less absorption of harmful rays and, therefore, less signs of aging on your skin keeping you looking young and flawless.

3. Prevents the pain of a sunburn

Sunburns are also a result of too much damage due to ultraviolet radiation. While most people characterize sunburns as raw, peeling or blistering skin, even the slightest red tint to your skin can qualify as one. Every time there is damage to the skin your body goes through a repair process, which is the cause of your skin’s rawness and the other painful symptoms of a sunburn. The application of sunscreen helps eliminate the possibility of walking around with a burn line in the shape of your sunglasses and the awful stinging associated with a burn.

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