It’s February 15…which means you’ve survived Valentine’s Day. Hopefully. We gave you some tips on pulling off a last minute Valentine’s date that wouldn’t break the bank and whether you used our suggestions or came up with an idea of your own, we hope you pulled it off. Unfortunately, not everyone has a great story to tell about their day of romance. So we took to Twitter and Facebook to hear about your #ValentinesFail and to be honest, it made us feel a little better about how our day turned out!

Do you have an epic fail you want to share? Comment below!

“I hadn’t heard from my boyfriend all day. I had made him a card that I was really excited to give him. After no text response or a call back I got on Facebook to see if he’d been active bc I was starting to get worried. That’s when I realized he had changed his relationship status to single. This wasn’t even high school; I’m 23!” -Amanda

“Oh @pizzahut this is not quite what I expected. #dontgobaconmyheart #valentinesfail” @Carolina_Tweets

Pizza Hut Fail

“My boyfriend took me to eat Arby’s with his dad for our valentine’s day dinner because he had to hurry up and get home to quest with his world of war craft weirdos!” -Brittany

“This is hilarious. #Valentinesfail #betterlatethannever” –@AmeyaUpasani

Valentine's Card Fail

“What’s romantic on valentines? Setting the fire alarm off for 20 minutes when trying to cook dinner #valentinesfail” –@hannah89

“My boyfriend sent me flowers with this really sweet card” – Heather

Flower card

“So sad.. it’s the first time I’ve ever not been thrilled by my dominos order #ValentinesFail” –@frangrypanda

Dominos Pizza Fail

“You know the romance is gone when Valentines is drive thru @sonicdrivein #Valentinesfail #notromantic #EpicFail” @monahoule

“Ever counted the roses to make sure there are a dozen? Me either. #ValentinesFail #YouHadOneJob #11Roses” @JasonCurry

11 Flowers



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