College Lifestyle Blog - Great Escape Room Personality Type

Why should you try an escape room? Surely, they’re all the same, you look for clues, solve a puzzle and get out, right? While the base premise of an escape room can be simplified down to that, it is so much more than just solving puzzles. Out of the thousands of escape rooms in the world, there are hundreds of different themes, and often each company can have an overarching theme completely unique to the rest of the world. Depending on your personality, some themes may be more intriguing to you. Which one best suits you?

The Perfect Escape Room for your Personality

The Critical Thinker

The first, and perhaps most common, is the basic escape room. This type of room is a sort of no stress test of your cognitive skills. You could be solving puzzles left behind by Sherlock or trying to find Gaspar’s missing treasure. Whatever the theme is, there is no real sense of urgency. This room allows a player to get the ambiance of a new experience while not really being stressed to complete anything that would have catastrophic consequences. Sure, you may not prove to Sherlock that you’re intelligent or find the treasure in time, but the goal of this type of room is to have fun and test your thinking skills.

Pays Attention to Detail

The next type of room is a mystery room, in this theme, there is a specific thing you need to find or solve. This could be finding a secret medicine that a mad scientist has hidden or solving a murder case. Either way in these types of room you have a specific goal in mind from the beginning and everything you do will add more detail to what you’re trying to figure out. These types of rooms are perfect for people who love to role play or immerse themselves into mystery novels. In here, you can explore the solutions to a crime and truly let your imagination go wild, but you need to be sure to watch out for the red herring. As in every mystery story, there will always be misdirection and false clues!

Does Well Under Pressure

The bomb trope is something that the majority of companies seem to gravitate to. What else would you think of when you see a timer counting down then a ticking time bomb? This type of room really puts the stress on the player to complete the task in the hour lest they cause the death of themselves and the rest of the world! These rooms really attract players due to the simplicity of the goal. Simply solve the puzzles and get the code! However, many companies can be creative about integrating these bomb themes into cold war era themed rooms or secret CIA missions.

All About Instinct

Traditional “Escape” rooms focus on exactly that, escaping! Some rooms are more like “themed” rooms in that you don’t need to actually escape, you just need to meet the goal set out in front of you. Traditional escape rooms put the pressure on and make you really feel like you’re trapped. These rooms focus on making the player feel as constricted and trapped as possible, this could take the form of being trapped in a killer’s room or having locked yourself in your arch enemy’s lab! The goal of this type of room is simple self-preservation.

These are just a few basic themes that seem to represent the most popular rooms currently. What type of room do you think you would be most interested in? Whether you just want to test your puzzle solving skills or truly immerse yourself into another world there is an escape room theme for everyone!