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If there is one thing I know about myself, it is that I am painfully uncoordinated.

If there is another thing I know, it is that my lack of athleticism does not stop me from successfully adventuring on the Immotor GO – a super transformative personal electric vehicle (aka scooter) that features an ultraportable and collapsible design.

When I first stepped onto the Immotor GO, I was, of course, nervous. While I knew this scooter could be ridden at a low speed of 1 mile per hour, I also knew it was capable of going up to 16 miles per hour. I figured that going that speed would throw me off of a scooter, for sure.

However, I was definitely wrong.

The best thing about the Immotor GO is how user friendly it is for anyone, at any skill level. With the device’s 3-wheel design, there is little to no learning curve for first timers. You can easily control how quickly or slowly you want the GO to move, and the handle bar break is both easily accessible and works quickly.

When I first rode the GO, I was indoors. Perhaps that isn’t the most effective place to ride such a scooter, but nonetheless, it was an adventure. Maneuvering through furniture, countertops, and people proved easy, as the handlebars provide for a strong turning radius that makes turning sharply a breeze.

For a college student like me, there is so much that the GO has to offer. It doesn’t require any of the expenses that cars do, since it doesn’t use gas, doesn’t require expensive parking passes, and doesn’t need yearly maintenance.

Running late for class in the morning does not have to happen ever again. The GO can go up to 16 miles on one charge of the Super Battery and goes up to 16 miles per hour, making for a seamless commute to class. And unlike driving a car to campus, you don’t need to worry about finding a parking spot that could be a mile away from your next class. The device stores so easily that you can stop it right in front of your lecture hall, fold it up, and carry it right inside with you.

For me personally, I can’t bare to walk to class without my music playing, and that isn’t a problem with the GO. Its Bluetooth capabilities allow you to play your music from your phone directly through the scooter.

Because the GO uses the Immotor Super Battery, it is extremely environmentally friendly! The battery isn’t only compatible with the GO itself, it is also capable of charging your laptop, cell phone, and more. Being in the library or a coffee shop with no open outlets does not have to be a problem when you own a GO. And if you need to fly home from school for winter or summer break, it is not a problem. The Immotor GO’s battery is TSA compliant and can fly right there with you.

Of course, the safety of users is of great importance to Immotor. Offering anti-flat tires and hundreds of LED lights for night time riding allows riders to go without worry.  Immotor’s engineers also worked carefully to create built-in GPS as well as geo-fencing technology to ensure the safety of the GO itself.

The price of large purchases is always a concern for college students, like me, especially when I’m saving up for life after my quickly-approaching graduation. But luckily, Immotor offers an incredible referral program, allowing me to hand out referral codes to my friends which will score them $150 off their GO, which is great for them. It is also great for me, because if they purchase a scooter with the code, I get $200 back!

Don’t want to cough up the whole cost at once? Immotor offers a payment plan that starts at only $91 a month!

It is so clear that the creators of the Immotor put a great amount of time into developing the GO and perfecting it to make it the perfect piece of technology for a college student, and for anyone else. With the Immotor GO, your #LifeOnTheGo will be better than ever. For more details about how to get your hands on an Immotor GO, check out