Drew Holcomb

My first concert in North Carolina was Ben Rector at the Carolina Theater. This is an incredible venue and so I was even more excited when I found out that’s where Drew Holcomb would be playing when we came to town in 2015.

A few days before the show I saw a tweet about the opportunity to do a Meet & Greet with Drew before the show and was on Cloud 9. During the M&G Drew answered questions about his inspiration, his marriage to Ellie Holcomb and writing music with her, and of course I threw in a question or two concerning his favorite BBQ joints in Memphis (Central BBQ and the Commissary).

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Drew is an incredible performer (with an impeccable beard…I mean look at that thing) and to see and hear him play with his wife, Ellie, gives you hope for a love as strong and passionate as theirs.

Back in October, I had the chance to see Drew perform again, at the Durham Performing Arts Center. He was opening for Amos Lee (another one of my favorites) and ironically I would be moving back to Memphis the next week (we’re hometown boys and his song Tennessee makes me homesick sometimes). At this show, Drew debuted a new song Wild World that I believe spoke to everyone in a different way. NC was in the middle of it’s battle of HB2, the election was right around the corner, and the holidays were on the horizon. During the song, the audience went from deafeningly silent to boisterous with cheers.

So for this Music Monday, I thought it would be good if we all took a moment to listen to these words from Drew and try to be a better person to our neighbors. After all…new year, new you.


Featured Image via Carolina Theatre


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