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Ever set an alarm on your phone to make sure that you went to right on time to buy concert tickets but missed out? You find out that the concert is sold out, but there are thousands of tickets on Stubhub for double or triple the original price. Sound familiar? Well we’ve got some good news!

Yesterday, President Obama signed the Better Online Ticket Sales (BOTS) Act of 2016 which makes it illegal to use software to purchase tickets online. The premise behind this act is to prevent individuals and companies aiming to buy up large amounts of tickets and selling them for a higher price from doing so.

The BOTS Act makes it illegal for any individual or company to use a bot or software to work around the imposed ticket limits for making a fair purchase such as buying more tickets than specified.The law will not only make the use of bots illegal, it will also make it illegal to resell tickets bought using a bot, reported Engadget. Any person aware that a ticket was bought using a bot could also be liable for punishment.

If only this was in place when Garth Brooks tickets went on sale in Memphis two weeks ago. According to the BOTS Act, state government will have the power to bring civil suits on behalf of the residents in which they can seek to receive damages or other forms of compensation for the affected residents. The law will also give the Federal Trade Commission the power to join in suit when needed.

Will this fix everything? No, but it’s definitely a start towards making it easier to see your favorite performers.

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