Tuesday, July 25, 2017
female college student reading a book with headphones on outside

Top 5 Audiobooks for This Summer

The summer is filled with many opportunities to read books in a quite environment away from distraction. Right? Or are you trying to get school or work done? Don’t give up...

AroundCampus Announces Re-Launch of Popular Website, AroundCampus.com

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – AroundCampus Group (ACG), a leading collegiate media and marketing company, announced today the launch of AroundCampus.com, the highly anticipated update to the website providing key content for...
antique tv with netflix logo

Netflix & (Not So) Chill

You better think twice the next time you Netflix and chill while using your friends' login info! Last week, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion (U.S. v Nosal)...
Memphis Grizzlies walking off the court

Grit and Grind on Life Support

Brief History Over the past six years the Memphis Grizzlies have found an identity from their blue collar style of play. This was brought to the Grizzlies by two players, Zach Randolph...
Catch Watching Horror Movie

Cat Watching Horror Movie

This cat is 10 times braver and cuter than I will ever hope to be. I wish I could have it with me the next time I am forced to watch...
college students playing roomba beer pong

Revamp Your Beer Pong Ways

Beer pong getting too easy for you? Stationary cups are a thing of the past and the future has been right under our very noses this entire time... I give you...
the heart followers

Hjertefølgerne / The Heart Followers

This short documentary is incredible. Beautifully shot, this doc details how in just 2 years a family built an entirely self-sustainable glass dome to live in their typically inhospitable Article climate....
UT student leaves court house after affirmative action ruling

UT’s Affirmative Action Admissions Upheld in Supreme Court

Last week in a 4-3 vote, the Supreme Court ruled that colleges can consider race as a factor when admitting applicants and building a diverse graduating class. The ruling is a result...
Charlier Harper at piano

Shows With Notoriously Hated Main Characters

Piper Chapman - Orange is the New Black OITNB could possibly be the best example of this phenomenon. Self-righteous and whiney, Piper soon becomes your least favorite when compared to the other...
Endangered glass frog

9 Unique Animals You Must See (But Probably Haven’t)

Barreleye Fish The Barreleye’s transparency allows it to utilize the miniscule amount of light that reaches the deep sea. Scientists recently discovered that its eyes (the green bulbs) can rotate to allow...

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