Monday, July 24, 2017
Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper Gets Big Bang Spinoff

Remember the episode where Leonard tells Penny the backstory of his roommate relationship with Sheldon? When we finally learn about what happened to the elevator? How about all of the anecdotes...
Big Bang Theory cast

Renewed: The Big Bang Theory

It's been a big week for TV! First we learned about SNL's Weekend Update getting its own time slot,  now we're hearing great things out of CBS about The Big Bang...
Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Vector

SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’ Gets Standalone Show

It's no surprise that Saturday Night Live is thriving in this current political climate. Always ones to poke fun at politicians, both at home and abroad, SNL has found wild success...

Coming To (& Leaving) Netflix March 2017

Midterms are here and then it's time for Spring Break. Are you going to the beach? Abroad? Or maybe a little staycation? Working? If you find yourself with some free time...

And the Oscar Goes To….

The Oscars were full over entertaining moments, all night long. But one of the biggest moments came during the announcement of "Best Picture" when the presenters from Bonnie and Clyde announced...
pineapple pizza

Iceland to Ban Pineapple on Pizza

There are a lot of things in this world that have divided us. Cubs or Yankees. Backstreet Boys or N*SYNC. Coke or Pepsi. Politics. Religion. The list goes on and on....

We’ll Take Two Crunchwrap Supremes & a Wedding.

Featured Imaged via Taco Bell You heard us. Taco Bell is bring a wedding chapel to it's flagship restaurant location in Las Vegas...allowing you to not only elope in Vegas, but also satisfy...

Rokerthon 2017: Your Campus

Featured Image Source: Today Al Roker has been regularly gracing our TVs every morning on NBC's Today show since 1996. In 2014, Al attempted to beat the previous unofficial world record for an uninterrupted...
Blue Blood Rivalry

Blue Blood Rivalry

One of college sports’ most epic basketball rivalries now has a new game day tradition. Blue Blood Rivalry and Endurance Magazine will be launching their very first Blue Blood Rivalry 5k...
Netflix February 2017

Coming To (& Leaving) Netflix February 2017

February....the month of love. Well unfortunately, Netflix didn't get the memo. They won't really be adding any new Rom Coms to get you through Singles Awareness Day (although Magic Mike will...

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