Tuesday, April 25, 2017
christmas lights on a piano

3 Songs to Help You Over the Final(s) Hump This Season

Let's face it. Temperatures and motivation levels are dropping rapidly as we wrap up final exams. We are drowned by thoughts of the holiday season around the corner and can't wait...
2017 party girls

The Problem With New Year’s Resolutions

It’s almost mid-December and like most people there are probably two things on your mind: finals week and new year’s resolutions. The thing that I hate about new year’s resolutions is...
football party essentials

2016-17 Bowl Schedules

Well after an eventful season of college football, we are entering the Bowl season and all of it's glory. There was quite a bit of excitment surrounding the selection of Ohio...
University of Alabama Football

SEC Winners & Losers: The SEC Championship & Bowl Bids

Winner Bama-Duh!! Loser Florida-Duh!! Reasons why you would pay good money for a worthless game like the SEC Championship: You are a parent/family/girlfriend You are a dedicated fan You are a member of the band or a cheerleader You...
Netflix December 2016

Coming to (& Leaving) Netflix December 2016

Finals are right around then corner and then you have an entire month without the stresses of homework, projects, and exams. How will you be spending your winter break? I'm willing...

10 Gifts For Your Creative Friends

If you are looking for the perfect, unique gift for that friend of yours who happens to be an artist or art major, or even just has a creative personality: look...
SEC College Football Winners

SEC Winners & Losers: Week 13

Winners Vanderbilt I am not going to brag about this win because I was really happy with 5 wins. I don't know what really happened but I think UT lost this game more...
television remote

11 Must Watch Thanksgiving TV Episodes

Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away. In just over 48 hours we'll be slipping into our stretch pants and stuffing our faces with turkey, stuffing/dressing, mashed potatoes, and refusing...
SEC Winners and Losers

SEC Winners & Losers: Week 12

Winners Vanderbilt Congratulations guys. After that horrible Mizzou loss you redeemed yourselves somewhat. I am very happy with five wins. But of course if the Red Sea (or Orange Sea) parts on Saturday...
Amazon Prime Boxes

Amazon Prime Is On Sale Today ONLY

Have you ever wondered if it was worth the $99 to sign up for Amazon Prime? After all, would you use enough of the FREE 2-day shipping that your account would...

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