Monday, July 24, 2017
pokemon go expectation reality

5 Types of Pokemon Go players

1. The Traditional Players This group is made up of the traditional Pokemon players. These people played Pokemon back in the day and continued to love it into adulthood. If you have...
pokemon go tracking iphone

Latest Pokémon Go App Update Removes Tracking Entirely

For those who spend their afternoons wandering town hoping the catch some new Pokemon, Niantic’s new update will have you threatening to rage quit the game. As if Pokemon Go wasn’t already...
pokemon go

You Can Get Paid For Playing Pokémon Go

You all know about the latest app craze, Pokémon Go, but did you know that you could monetize off of your new Pokémon skills? Yep, people who are stuck at work...
geometric toy ball

Bits and Pieces

There's no doubt you've picked up one of these in a toy store before, but have you ever controlled them with your mind??? Well that's exactly what German artist Nils Völker...
nintendo miniature nes

The New Old Nintendo Console

Is Pokémon Go not enough of a throwback for you Nintendo?!? Nintendo just announced the launch of its new console, the adorably-sized Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition. This bad boy will...
Mirrors Edge

Not Into Videogames? Well You Should Be Into These!

1. Battlefield 1 This is series that gives the player an amazing amount of satisfaction after every kill because it took countless lives and helicopter crashes just to get into the fray! 2. Tekken 7 There...
Sunspring A Sci-Fi Short Film Starring Thomas Middleditch

Sci-Fi Film Entirely Written By Artificial Intelligence

As the technology in our world continues to advance, we can expect it will be doing more and more for us. But what happens when the technology we use no longer...

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