College Lifestyle Blog - Technology is Making Your Life Easier

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Nowadays we live in the golden era of technology. It seems like there’s a gizmo and gadget for everything. From accessing endless information on the Internet, to ordering your groceries with the push of a button, technology is an ever-evolving part of our daily lives.

With all this technology making our lives easier, it really is the best time to be a college student. Here are eight ways technology is making your life easier, both on and off campus:

1. No Receipts, No Paper

Wasting paper is a thing of the past. As more industries become environmentally friendly, you can now opt to receive your receipts as a text messages or emails. This actually makes it easier for you to keep records of your transactions while also reducing your carbon footprint. In the past, people would collect their receipts and enter them manually into a spreadsheet to keep track of their monthly spending. Now banks have a mobile app where you can track all your purchases and spending. No more receipts in your wallet!

2. Virtual Classrooms

Most colleges and universities now offer online classes, so you can jump into class discussion while never stepping out of your pajamas. The virtual classroom is bringing students together from all across the globe and is providing the flexibility for students to earn a degree while working full time. Online classes can also be taken alongside traditional classes so students can pick and choose which classes they would like to take online.

3. Text or Email Reminders

Gone are the days of having to write down your appointments or mark them in your calendar. Nowadays, you can get text reminders from your doctor’s office, your hair dresser, and even your plasma donation center. For plasma donors who make frequent donations, life is easier when you can make an appointment online, receive a text or email reminder, and then come in to make your donation. It’s even better when you walk out with some extra cash in your wallet.

4. No Heavy Textbooks

As we move into the digital age, more teachers are choosing e-books or downloadable course material over big, old-fashioned textbooks. This makes it easier for you to keep all your class material in one place and refer to sources when writing papers. Not to mention, it’s nice to not carry those heavy books around campus.

5. Peer Reviews and Surveys

Before making a purchase, most college students like to read peer reviews to make sure they are getting the best deal. Whether it is reading the Google reviews, or checking Yelp, or even just checking the Facebook reviews, students trust advice from their friends. Technology is also making it easier to give feedback to companies. You can now take quick online surveys or polls to rate your experience. This gives the companies a good idea of what is working well and how they can improve to better serve their customers.