Tuesday, July 25, 2017
Ryder Cup Legend Bill Murray

Bill Murray Proves He’s a Great American

Not that there was ever any doubt about how awesome Bill Murray is, but on Sunday it was solidified at the Ryder Cup. Ole Bill was in Minnesota all last week...
Chris Farley voting kicks ass

Five Reasons You Must Vote In This Election As a Student

With the presidential election less than month away, it's natural to be wondering which way this camel is going to sit. And you should be, because it’s going to have an impact on...
racial tension don't shoot

Disrespect in America

Whenever you are driving down the road and you see a cop car, you immediately tighten-up and put on your best driving skills. As long as that cop is near you,...
antique tv with netflix logo

Netflix & (Not So) Chill

You better think twice the next time you Netflix and chill while using your friends' login info! Last week, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion (U.S. v Nosal)...
christmas lights on a piano

3 Songs to Help You Over the Final(s) Hump This Season

Let's face it. Temperatures and motivation levels are dropping rapidly as we wrap up final exams. We are drowned by thoughts of the holiday season around the corner and can't wait...
man vs horse race

Man vs. Horse

This 22-mile race where people race horses has captivated me to say the least. “Most animals on Earth are faster than we are, but our proportionally bigger brains, endurance and ability to...
AroundCampus Best College Landmarks 2017 Bracket

WINNER: Best Campus Landmark Bracket Challenge

It was an incredible basketball tournament this year and all of the excitement came to a head when UNC found themselves victorious over Gonzaga in Phoenix. There was just as much excitement in our battle...
classical music

Why You Should Listen To More Classical Music

Are you stuck in a musical rut and looking for a new genre to add to your playlist? Are you tired of hearing the same 6 songs playing all day on...
geometric toy ball

Bits and Pieces

There's no doubt you've picked up one of these in a toy store before, but have you ever controlled them with your mind??? Well that's exactly what German artist Nils Völker...
Nintendo Switch

Mind Blown: Introducing the Nintendo Switch

Codename: Nintendo NX If you're an avid gamer, then you've probably already heard about the "NX". Well, Nintendo has officially ditched the codename and introduced us to the Nintendo Switch. As you...

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