Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Holiday recipes

20 Top Recipes That Will Impress Your Family This Holiday Season

Going home for the holiday break can be a little challenging at times.  You have to go back to your parents rules, keep them in the loop about where you are...
gym equipment

The 17 Types of People You See at the Gym

If you've ever been to the gym, then chances are you have run into or seen some of the people on this list. These people can be found at practically any...
slower cooker

6 Slow Cooker Recipes For Your Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and for a lot of college students this means that Friends-giving is also approaching. Here are 6 different slow cooker recipes that are super easy,...
woman sleeping

Sleep Hygiene: How To NOT Be Tired During College

As a college student it often seems impossible to ever be well rested with such a crazy class schedule, working at weird hours, and all of the meetings and events you...
college students playing outside

Study Break: Finals Week

It’s already middle of November and for college students that only means one thing: winter break cannot get here fast enough. It also means that finals are coming quickly, but that’s...
Winter Break

How to Make it to Winter Break

Midterms are over, and finals are lurking on the horizon. The end of the Fall semester is rapidly approaching and it is going to get worse before it gets better. I'm...
A flat design of a young girl trying to sleep with a scary monster disturbing her sleep The science behind nightmares

The Science Behind Nightmares

We’ve all experienced a bad dream as an adult. Whether it be showing up late for an exam, getting into a fight with someone unexpected, or a nightmare that makes you...
hiking trail in the mountains

What You Should Know For Your First Hiking Trip

This past weekend I was invited to go hiking at the Hanging Rock State Park in Danbury, North Carolina. Rather than searching for an excuse of why I wouldn’t be able...
5 ways to manage stress while the clock is ticking

5 Ways to Manage Stress While the Clock is Ticking

Most of us have encountered stress and its side effects. As students, we have a lot to balance, so here are 5 ways to decrease your stress, and promote al healthy...
Photograph of a close up of a fork with chicken alfredo on it.

I Tried A Recipe From A Facebook Video

If you're someone who loves food, loves cooking food, and loves eating it, then you might also spend hours of your time watching the Tasty videos on Facebook. There is something...

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