College Lifestyle Blog - Blackout Wednesday Alcohol Awareness

Blackout Wednesday – not to be confused with Black Friday – is a phenomenon that’s been going on for years. Only recently has the day been given the strong nickname it deserves. Each year, alcohol sales see huge spikes across the nation on the night before Thanksgiving.

With friends and family returning home for the Thanksgiving holiday, Wednesday night has become the night of reunions. With college students home from school and the working class off the following day, Blackout Wednesday has become the biggest bar night of the year – even surpassing New Year’s Eve.

Bars experience exponential liquor and beer sales. Beer sales increase by an average of 270 percent and liquor sales grow by an average of 114 percent.

With college kids finally reunited with old friends from across the country, what better way to relive the high school glory days and catch up with everyone at once at your local bar?

Excitement runs high and the drinks keep flowing. You are seeing people you haven’t seen in months and all you have to worry about the next day is rolling out of bed to feast on your family’s home cooking.

Unfortunately, Blackout Wednesday is the single largest night for drunk-driving fatalities. It produces more than New Year’s Eve and the 4th of July.

This epidemic needs to stop.

With the ample amount of ride-sharing services and other options available today, please take advantage of them. With all of your friends home, you can fill an entire Uber car and split the fare – giving you a very cheap way to get home.

Remember that you are home to celebrate a holiday dedicated to being thankful. Your parents have been looking forward to you returning home for months.

Take charge this Blackout Wednesday by ensuring you get home safely –

  • Do NOT drive to the bar. Get together with your friends and split an Uber, Lyft or any local taxi service.
  • Be open with your parents. They know what goes on at school. Ask them to drop you off and pick you up from the bar. They are cooler than you think and would probably enjoy it. It would also give them peace of mind.
  • Be vigilant on the roads – there will inevitably be drunk drivers on the streets.

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