Tuesday, July 25, 2017
Holiday recipes

20 Top Recipes That Will Impress Your Family This Holiday Season

Going home for the holiday break can be a little challenging at times.  You have to go back to your parents rules, keep them in the loop about where you are...
slower cooker

6 Slow Cooker Recipes For Your Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and for a lot of college students this means that Friends-giving is also approaching. Here are 6 different slow cooker recipes that are super easy,...
Photograph of a close up of a fork with chicken alfredo on it.

I Tried A Recipe From A Facebook Video

If you're someone who loves food, loves cooking food, and loves eating it, then you might also spend hours of your time watching the Tasty videos on Facebook. There is something...
Fuel For Success: 3 Tips for Better College Nutrition

Fuel for Success: 3 Tips for Better College Nutrition

Eating properly can be one of the most difficult transitions we make as we head into college. Many of us simply do not realize the importance of fueling our bodies properly...
Photograph of chips, salsa, guacamole and tomatoes titled The 2 ingredient taco dip that you literally can not mess up.

The 2 Ingredient Taco Dip That You Literally Can Not Mess Up

This is one of my all time favorite dishes to make, both because of how easy it is and also how awesome it tastes. If you are looking for a quick...
making lemonade out of lemons

Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

The old adage is when life gives you lemons...make lemonade. Basically...when tough things are thrown your way, turn them into something good. Have you ever thought about how you make lemonade?...
pile of various pasta noodles

Science Reveals What Italians Have Known All Along

For years people have widely debated the topic of dieting: Are carbohydrates keeping you from achieving your fitness goals? According to the carbohydrate-insulin hypothesis, the answer is yes. This hypothesis claims that...
Star-Shaped Berry Hand Pies

5 Yummy Treats For The Fourth of July

Whether you’re throwing a 4th party or just looking to throw down on some sugar, these recipes will suit all of your Independence Day needs. Berry Dessert Pizza Quite possibly the most beautiful...
roasted veggie quinoa bowl

5 Quick And Tasty Weekday Lunch Recipes

Between classes or work, lunch often gets pushed to the backburner and you settle for PB and J or leftovers. Get out of the lunch slump with these quick and easy...
omelet in a coffee mug

Microwave Recipes You Can Make In a Dorm

Like everything, life in the dorm has it's pros and cons. Pro, getting to sleep in longer because it's a shorter distance to class. Con, not having a kitchen and being...

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