Despite massive growth in computer science employment opportunities over the past decade, women are still highly underrepresented. In fact, according to a report from Fortune, the number of female computing professionals has fallen by 35% since 1990. In 2013, women represented only 26% of all computer science professionals.

In an effort to turn this male-dominated field into a more gender-balanced industry, many changes have started to take place. To start, there’s been a push from organizations such as  Girls Who Code and Girls, Inc. to encourage female students to become interested and involved in technology at an earlier age. And at the college level, universities have begun to tailor their computer science programs to be more inclusive. These efforts seem to be making a difference with the percentage of female students completing a computer science degree increasing by 76% over the past five years.

We took a look at the top-ranked U.S. universities for computer science that are also offering an inclusive environment for female students looking to enter into the industry.


For this ranking, we analyzed data from the National Center for Education StatisticsU.S. News & World Report, StartClass, and PayScale to rank the top computer science programs for women in the U.S. Here they are:

Top 20 Programs

Click on a school’s name to view information specific to that university and its computer science program.

Harvey Mudd College

Dartmouth College

Harvard University

Rice University

Pennsylvania State

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

College of William and Mary

University of Southern California

Emory University

Princeton University

Georgetown University

Columbia University

North Carolina State University

University of Notre Dame

Carnegie Mellon University

Cornell University

University of North Carolina – Charlotte

University of California – Berkeley

University of Pennsylvania

California Institute of Technology

Top 45 Programs

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Scholarship Opportunities for Women in Computer Science

In an effort to continue increasing the number of women in computer science, both universities and outside organizations alike are raising scholarship funds geared specifically towards helping female STEM students. These include:

Women Techmakers Scholars Program

Sponsored by Google, the Women Techmakers Scholars program looks to create further gender equality within the computer science field. The scholarship program is divided into three regions:

  • North America
  • Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
  • Asia Pacific

In addition to the scholarship award, the program consists of a retreat and online community as opportunities to connect with fellow women in the field.

Scholarship Site

Society of Women Engineers Golden Gate High School Scholarship Program

The Society of Women Engineers Golden Gate Section (SWE-GGS) offers several scholarship awards to female high school graduates in the Bay Area who are moving on to pursue degrees in Engineering and Computer Science. Last year alone, the organization awarded more than $18,000 in scholarship funds.

Scholarship Site

Women in Defense HORIZONS Scholarship

The goal of the Women in Defense HORIZONS Scholarship is to encourage women to pursue careers in national security and defense. The award amount varies each year. Aside from computer science, applicants can choose to pursue a further education and career in engineering, cyber security, international relations, political science, economics, security studies, military history, government relations, physics, math, business or law.

Scholarship Site

Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation

The Michigan Council of Women in Technology’s mission is to inspire women to enter the technology space within the state of Michigan. The scholarship is awarded to members of the Girls Exploring Together: Information Technology organization. Other than its annual scholarship, the organization has created a robust community of fellow women in the industry to act as mentors and supporters.

Scholarship Site

StudySoup Women in Technology Scholarship

As a company driven to help students succeed, we know that college is an important step along with many career paths, but it can be expensive. Students can upload notes to StudySoup to lighten their financial burden. However, we still felt like we could do more to give back to the future leaders of the world. We also believe that it is our responsibility to foster innovation in the field of technology and help underrepresented students break down barriers. Therefore, we are offering a $2,000 Women in Technology Scholarship to an outstanding female student who is planning a career in the field of computer science and/or computer programming.

Scholarship Site

AWC Scholarship Fund for Women in Computing

Sponsored by the Ann Arbor chapter of the Association for Women in Computing, this scholarship is open to female students pursuing a degree in computer science or a technology-related field. The goal of the organization is to increase the visibility of women working in tech-heavy fields. Stay tuned for the application! It will be available the first week of January with a deadline of mid-March.

Scholarship Site

Microsoft Research Women’s Fellowship Program

The Microsoft Women’s Fellowship Program was founded to provide opportunities to women working in research and technology. The award is given to a female graduate student enrolled in computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, or bioinformatics.

Scholarship Site

Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship

Palantir’ scholarship is available to full-time undergraduate female computer science students. The organization awards up to $10,000 in scholarships to recipients each year. Additionally, scholarship winners are given the opportunity to visit the Palantir headquarters in Palo Alto for a full-day workshop alongside the company’s top female employees. Select winners are also eligible to participate in an internship program.

Scholarship Site

Adobe Research Women in Technology Scholarship

In order to create even more innovative technologies, Adobe is working to bring more gender diversity to the technology industry. It’s $10,000 Women in Technology Scholarship is available to female undergraduate computer science students all over the world. The program also offers a free one-year subscription to Creative Cloud, access to an Adobe Research mentor, and an opportunity to interview for an internship within the company.

Scholarship Site

Buildium Women in Technology Scholarship

Buildium is offering a $2,500 scholarship each semester to women earning a STEM degree in a U.S. or Canadian university. The application requires applicants include a brief essay explaining which female tech leader most inspires them and why. Applicants must also be in good standing with their university.

Scholarship Site


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