Shopping for your college dorm should be as stress-free as possible. A simple checklist of basic dorm necessities will help you stay organized and save time during the months you’re preparing to leave for college. Since there are so many items to choose from, it can get kind of overwhelming to sift through the pile, which is why we’ve included a list of some popular essential dorm items for the average college student, so shopping is made that much easier!

1. Cozy College Comforter

A comfortable bed makes or breaks the ambience of your dorm room. After all, it is where you sleep, read, watch TV, and spend a lot of your leisure time. That’s why comfortable and durable bedding should be at the top of your college checklist. Dress up your bed in a cozy comforter for a restful night’s sleep. The neutral tones and stylish textures of this popular Alloy Pin Tuck Comforter will enhance any room’s decor and help you unwind from your hectic college life.

2. Sheets for Days

Making your bed comfortable is a commitment and requires more than just a comforter. Your bedding sheets make up the surface of the bed itself, and they’re what you’ll curl up into after a long day of courses. You want to choose a set that’s breathable and soft, giving off the illusion of sleeping on a cloud. A simple cotton sheet will do the trick, or upgrade your sheets to a unique Bedside Pocket Sheet Set to make your life more convenient. Whatever the case, high quality sheets are a must for your dorm.

3. Protect and Relax

While many college shoppers go straight to the comforters and sheets, it’s important to consider the the mattress itself. Anything can happen in a communal building with hundreds of residents, especially when everyone lives different lifestyles. Mattress pads and encasements, like this Standard College Mattress Pad and this Anti-Everything Encasement, provide the needed barrier between you and your dorm bed, protecting from unwanted intruders, accidental spills, and allergens. Not to mention, they add a layer of comfort you never knew you needed.

4. Organize and Store

The dreaded dorm room dilemma: Ample storage. Luckily, investing in a college trunk is an easy solution to store away items when they’re not in use. A College Dorm Trunk is large in size and spacious, so you won’t have to hesitate whether to bring those extra blankets, mountains of clothes, or entertainment consoles again. And the trendy design means your trunk can double as a decorative coffee table. Put your trunk on view, and be at ease knowing your dorm items are stored out of sight.

5. So Fresh and So Clean Towels

With students scrambling to use the laundry machines every day, it helps to always have a set of clean towels on hand. This Super-Dry Cotton College Towel Set includes a bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth with ribbed construction for faster drying time. Anything that saves you time during college is a necessary item to have!

6. Communal Convenience

Dorm showers are not always the most ideal places to start your morning, but with a couple of handy items, your morning routine can be a breeze. This quick-drying Mesh Shower Tote has multiple pockets to hold all your toiletries, from your toothbrush to shampoo bottles, for easy transporting to and from your dorm room.  When you’re ready to hop in the shower, slip into these Anti-Slip Shower Sandals in women’s and men’s sizes. These shower sandals offer a firm grip so you won’t fall and slip on wet floors. As an added bonus, drainage holes will ensure that you don’t bring a trail of water back to your dorm after a hot shower.

7. Laundry

Swap out a dull laundry bag with a fun design, like this Anchor Print Laundry Bag! Since laundry day is already so much of a hassle, at least make sure what you’re hauling your clothes in is trendy and strong.

8. Dining In

Although your residence hall will have plenty of options for food, sometimes you want to stay in with a homecooked meal or sit down with a snack. Having an inexpensive Silverware Set and Eating Set encourages you to cook your own food, as well as saves you money! Now all you need is to do the dishes.

9. Keep Your Life in Check

Staying organized means more than placing all your items in a trunk or neatly folding your clothes on shelves. It also means making sure you wake up in time for classes and avoiding any injuries. While small accessories may seem like minor items to have, you should never overlook them! This USB Charging Alarm Clock will help make sure you make it to that 8 a.m. psychology class, and a First Aid Kit takes care of any scrapes or bruises that may occur along the way.

10. A Spotless Space

With Mom and Dad no longer around, cleaning up your dorm room is now your responsibility. So always remember to keep your area free of dust, clutter, and trash! This Round Trash Bin in White is a basic item that will maintain your room’s cleanliness. Just don’t forget to take out the trash when it’s full!