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The Scene: It’s 5 in the morning, the sun has started to rise, and you’ve just submitted that 10-page paper for ENG 101. Now all you want to do is crawl into bed and be a hermit for the next 12 hours. As a college student, it’s all too familiar.

Thankfully, those all-nighters don’t have to wear you out every time. With the right bedding and sleep accessories, you can rejuvenate your mind and wake up feeling refreshed no matter how much or little sleep you get. So whether you’re exhausted from a late night out or from those hours spent exploring your new campus, you can go to bed knowing you’ll be well-rested for the next day as long as you have these must-have items on hand.

Cloud-like Comfort

The perfect comforter varies for every person but one thing remains the same: It should be so comfortable that you’ll never want to leave your bed. We love this Bare Bottom Comforter in black for its plush comfort and cloudlike texture. Add matching sheets and fill your bed head-to-toe in luxurious, silky softness.

Silence Is Golden

Residence halls are notorious for late-night disruptions from hallmates and other external noises. To immerse yourself in a deep sleep, it’s best to cancel out the noise. Try this wireless Noise-Reducing Headband Sleep Aid to listen to music while you doze off without worrying about your headphones falling out of your ears.

Paint It Black

No matter what time of day it is, as long as you’re in bed you’ll want to give off the illusion of nighttime with blackout curtains. A simple Blackout Window Drape will block out unwanted sunlight from shining through and leave you undisturbed for hours. And for an even better sleep, put on a trendy Eye Mask before you snooze!

Throw It All On!

Your dorm bed should not only feel comfortable, but look comfortable enough to want to fall asleep on. Throw a soft Bed Blanket on your bed or accessorize with a printed Throw Pillow for a coziness that completes your sleeping nook.

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