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Homecoming weekend, free concerts and football games are all part of the appeal of college. But let’s not forget the most important reason why we attend: To earn a college degree. Revamping your dorm room into a productive study spot will help you stay motivated and prepared weeks before your finals. We’ve listed a few necessary items to make your college dorm room your favorite place to study:


Good lighting helps set the mood of any room. Too much of it and you’ll get distracted. Too little and you might fall asleep before you hit the books. While any lamp will do, we love this lamp holds your school supplies and keeps your desk well-lit.


If your residence hall allows it, consider a desk hutch to store and organize homework, textbooks, and other papers lying around. This bookshelf is specifically sized for college dorm desks and comes with three top shelves and two larger cubicles for maximum storage and productivity.


You’ll never forget an assignment again if you keep a calendar close by. This convenient calendar adheres to your dorm wall so you can keep track of upcoming projects, events, and more. Simply erase or cross off when completed! And the dry-erase function makes it perfect for year-round use.


A comfortable bed does a good study spot make. On top of comforters, throw blankets, and soft sheets, a bed rest is an ideal item to have to stay cozy in your bed. This plush bedrest is overfilled to provide enough support so you’re not dealing with back pain while reading for class.


Sometimes all you need is music to stay focused. A portable speaker plays your favorite tunes from GoodMusicAllDay no matter where you are in your room. 


Finally, a laptop lap desk conveniently supports your computer while you’re studying in bed. We recommend this one that comes with a USB powered cooling fan in case your laptop starts to overheat.

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