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In the process of reaching different milestones in life, we have people we should thank that have helped us along the way. It may be a parent, a sibling, a close friend, a former professor, a mentor or even a random stranger in a coffee shop you had an inspirational conversation with. Giving thanks is a small way to repay these people for the impact they made along the way.

As humans, we need encouragement to keep pushing towards our goals. There are always setbacks and obstacles to overcome.  It is normal that we may lag on the journey and feel discouraged when morale is low. However, there are people out there that are supporting you from the sidelines even when you’re down. These people in your life want you to succeed more than anything and they expect nothing in return.

Your sideline supporters do everything they can to propel you forward. They are there for you when you need advice. They are there for you when you want to celebrate a success and most of all; they are there for you when you need a boost getting to your next milestone.

The work that our supporters have done for us deserves to be recognized, therefore, it is important to keep in contact with those who have supported you along your journey through life. They have been with you through major developments in life and your developments as a person.

Ways to thank your sideline supporters

A handwritten letter may seem simple but your sincere words hold a lot of power. Let them know how much you appreciate their support. Whether it is short or a novel, a handwritten letter shows effort and thought. Be sure to

Take them to lunch or grab coffee with whoever has been an inspiration or motivator to you. This is a great idea if you have landed a new job or recently started a big new chapter in your life. Even if you neither of those options apply, you can treat them to something nice to let them know that you are aware of how much they do for you. A situation like this is also a good time to ask any questions and get advice. Your sideline supporters will be more than happy to provide some wisdom to you.

Regardless of the way you express your gratitude to your sideline supporters, the most important thing is to stay humble to your beginnings. Remember where you started from and who helped you along the way.

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