The holidays can mean different things to different people. Often times they are full of wonderful memories and excitement, and other times it can be difficult to cope with a recent loss. Valentine’s Day is no different. Everyone celebrates Valentine’s differently. Some people spend it with the ones they love, others with friends, others embrace being single and find others ways to celebrate. The entire month of February is an opportunity to live out the “Month of Love” and do things for others. It’s not just one day.

We would like to take a moment and thank each and every one of you, our readers, our interns and alumni, our customers, our university partners, and our employees. Without you, none of we do would matter…and for that, we love you!

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Are you going out for a fancy dinner? Mailing flowers to your significant other? Braving the movie theater crowds? Or are you looking forward to the discounted candy on February 15th? Comment below and tell us what you’ll be doing!

Here’s how we’re spending our Valentine’s Day!

Libby: My husband and I have a tradition of no gifts for Valentine’s day – but treat ourselves to a home cooked meal that includes a big juicy steak, glass of wine and creme brûlée for dessert. We love doing gifts that are experiences rather than things! Also, my son’s first birthday is this month, so I’ll be taking a few days to spend with loved ones from near and far who are coming up to see us.

Jocelyn: The day after Valentine’s day I will be heading out with my husband and two young girls to California to meet the cousins!  Our family lives in San Francisco and we are all going to meet up at Disneyland! There are 5 girls ages 5,4, 3 and 2 years old. This will be the first time we have all been together. It is very special.  The girls will have a blast.

Isaac: My wife and I are going to go get some should food at Mama Dip’s after I put in a full 8 hours of sitting at my desk. Then we will go home so that she can pass out on top of me while our newly adopted cat, Maple, slinks around the apartment begging to be played with.

AroundCampus is kicking it old school with valentine’s day boxes like we used to make in school! everyone in the office then makes valentines for everyone to include in their boxes along with some awesome baked goods!

Abby: After work, I plan to grab dinner and see a movie with three of my best friends. #GalentinesDayFTW And, as always, I plan to buy boxes of chocolate for myself with the 50% off candy sale the day after Valentine’s Day.  

Anna: My love language is giving gifts to those I care about. For my family: cards, candies and a (somewhat) homemade dinner, co-workers: baked goodies, pets: extra treats and a belly rub, and last but not least to myself: quiet time with a good book. Delightful!

Erik: I’m out on the recruiting trail to find students for our Sales and Marketing Internship so I will be spending the day at the University of Tennessee Career Fair and the night alone in my hotel room!

Andrea: This year, my fiancé and I are planning on keeping it low key by going out to get some Mexican food and then watching a movie at home

Jacob: I’m still rocking that single life, but I’m actually going to be babysitting my 4-year old nephew. He and I are going to make a pizza together, probably watch The Incredibles, and likely read PB & Cupcake before bed (for the millionth time).