Monday, February 19, 2018
Blue Blood Rivalry

Blue Blood Rivalry

One of college sports’ most epic basketball rivalries now has a new game day tradition. Blue Blood Rivalry and Endurance Magazine will be launching their very first Blue Blood Rivalry 5k...
Photo of a college age woman dancing in her room with her headphones on

Are You a Chronic Procrastinator?

Do you ever find yourself in an intense panic because you’ve got 8 hours before a project or essay is due and you’ve hardly started on it? Then please keep reading,...
Photograph of a brindle, mixed breed dog looking into the camera. I adopted a dog with special needs

I Adopted a Dog With Special Needs

Growing up I was lucky enough to be part of a family that always had multiple pets. This usually included a dog and a few cats, and on occasion a hamster....
University of Alabama

10 Things I Learned at the University of Alabama

The ten things I learned at the University of Alabama in regards to student life were all learned during my very first semester.  Tailgating Tailgating is more than an activity it is an...
Burkini Ban in France letting hate and fear rule

Burkini Ban in France: Letting Hate and Fear Rule

Recently France has passed a ban on "Burkinis" in the beaches in Southern France. These Burkinis are the full-body coverage swimsuits worn by women practicing Islam or adhering to traditional Sharia...
College lifestyle blog - restful sleep

How to Get Restful Sleep in College

The Scene: It’s 5 in the morning, the sun has started to rise, and you’ve just submitted that 10-page paper for ENG 101. Now all you want to do is crawl...
adult summer camp

Summer Is In New England, Don’t Screw It Up

Okay, it’s July. We in it now. Starting to get those heat-wave days and seeing people with the cape cod geo-tag means that summer has officially kicked off. You and your friends...
Happy 2017

Setting the Bar Low This New Year

We all try so hard, but with some New Year’s resolutions you just can’t even. Any of these top seven resolutions sound familiar? 1. Eat Healthier You take the initiative and buy a...
University of Arkansas Delta Delta Delta Bid Day 2016

Tri Delt at the University of Arkansas Blows the Lid Off of Bid Day

We're always sharing recruitment videos, giving chapters the chance to tell you why you should join them. Tri Delt at the University of Arkansas shared with us their incredible Bid Day...
Texas State Alpha Delta Pi 2016

Texas State ADPi Just Changed The Game

The start of the semester is almost here! You know what that means? RUSH! ADPi at Texas State just changed the game with this rush video! Do yourself a favor and...

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