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Summer is coming to an end and students are moving (back) into their dorms. Barbecues and pool parties are replaced by 9 a.m. classes and late night study sessions. But just because the semester has started doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Turn your dorm room into the perfect hang-out spot all year long with these essential items:

Here’s what you’ll need:

Seating, and lots of it

First and foremost, you should have cozy seating arrangements to offer your guests – unless you want them sitting on a cold, hard surface. A comfortable lounge sofa, like this foldable sofa, fits snugly in your room while keeping your friends relaxed and happy. If you don’t have room for more furniture, make sure you have a nice rug to cover your floors, and accessorize the space with blankets and body pillows. I highly recommend this area rug for a plush surface and a bright pop of color to your room’s decor.

Snack stash

As the saying goes, “the way to a friend’s heart is through their stomach–” or something like that. You may not have the space or time to whip up a gourmet dinner, but having snacks on hand is a defining trait of all good hosts. Set up a simple snack bar using this 4-pack set of mini snack bowls for chips, veggies, dips, and more. Or, if you have the storage space, keep a popcorn maker in your room so everyone has something to munch on while watching movies on Netflix. Find more fun dining accessories here!

A warm and cozy feel

A beautifully decorated dorm room will create a welcoming ambience and make your guests wants to stick around. Hang string lights all around for a classic dorm look that sets the mood and gives off a cozy atmosphere. Complement that with stylish wall art to display photos of you and your friends. Your guests will feel at home the minute they step into your room.

Good music

Now that you’ve set the mood, you’ll need music to accompany it. A bluetooth speaker is a convenient way to listen to your favorite songs and (at times) a quick resolution to those awkward silences. Host a dance party with pop song hits. chill out with some indie tunes, or create a playlist with a medley of genres. Just remember to have fun before it’s time to hit the books again. Check out goodmusicallday for the latest playlists with all of your favorite songs and artists!

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