I HATE being bored during the summer. I always feel like I’m wasting time when I’m not doing anything, but so often I find myself stuck in my room doing nothing but watching Netflix and eating popcorn. While it’s great to catch up on the newest episodes of Orange is the New Black, there are so many opportunities to go out and actually DO things this summer. Here are 5 things to do prevent that feeling of summer boredom.

Find a summer job/internship

Although it’s a little late in the season, there may still be opportunities to find a summer position in your local area. This is a great chance to add some experience to your resume and possibly get paid! Regardless of the position, any additional experience is better than none. Don’t rule out places to work just because it may not be the position you were looking for. You may find great connections at places you wouldn’t expect.

Some great places to search for summer positions are:

Explore a New City

This doesn’t have to be expensive- get creative! Choose a location with a variety of things to do within the town. Plan an adventure with a group of friends, or take a solo trip! There are restaurants, boutiques, parks, museums and various “hidden gems” to discover in these locations.

Here are a few places to find information about traveling to a new city:

Read a Book

During the school year, there is so little time to read books for leisure. I am so excited to finally have the opportunity to read books that I have never gotten the chance to. A great place to find new books is going to a local book store rather than a book chain. There they often have unique books that you typically wouldn’t find in a chain store.

My summer reading list includes:

  • The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes
  • Fly Me by Daniel Riley
  • The Blood of Emmett Till by Timothy B. Tyson

HuffPost also has a great summer reading list.

Plan a night out/in with friends

Roller skating, bowling, swimming, laser tag, night swimming, movie night, board games, basketball, soccer, the list goes on and on. When we’re at school, there are often hometown friends that we aren’t able to see as during the year. The summer gives us the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, rekindle old relationships, and just spend time with family.

Start a new TV series

Although this is often something we only revert to when we are bored, the summertime is a great opportunity to start a new series. Now, your options are NOT only limited to the shows offered on Netflix. Hulu, HBO, and Fullscreen also have great options. I love that Fullscreen gives exposure to lesser known content creators and an opportunity for them to create their own shows. For example, two of my favorite Youtubers, Shannon Boodram and Timothy DeLaGhetto, have their own shows on Fullscreen.