Artist: SZA

Album: Ctrl

Genre: R&B/Soul

The raw emotion displayed in SZA’s new album is immense. The vulnerability and celebration of womanhood that SZA sings about is like reading the pages of her diary. She talks of trying to balance relationships and staying honest with herself – something everyone can relate to. Her songs are incredibly direct, talking blatantly about an ex and opening up about her insecurities. Her song, “Supermodel,” is a true story – based on her ex-boyfriend… I’ll let you listen to it to find out what happens. In “Doves in the Wind,” she sings about Forrest Gump – not the way you’re thinking of – but as a man that sees women as more than just their bodies, who “deserve the whole box of chocolates.” This theme is also found in “Normal Girl,” where SZA confesses that she just wants a man that wants to take her home to meet his family… not just take her to bed. There is power in her vulnerability, however. She sings openly and honestly about her fears, self-doubt, and pain from past relationships – but never playing the victim – just enjoying life and moving on. It’s an album that promotes self-empowerment, self-love, and freedom – something we all could use a little more of.