The buzz of a text, the flash of an email, a call from across the room.  In the modern world workers and students constantly have their attention fought for by a myriad of distractions.  In this ever-electronic world, how can people work on their social skills?  How can they truly connect with one another?

When more and more time is being spent behind a monitor, students seek out time where they can have a genuine human connection and enhance their interpersonal skills that have begun to atrophy.

Although the start of escape rooms may have been through a computer screen, this live-action escape game has taken on a life of its own.  With themes based on everything from Sherlock to the end of the world; strangers, family, or friends will need to learn how to communicate at the highest level in under 60 minutes.  Gone are the times where you can absentmindedly click on a picture of a room until you solve a puzzle.  Now you will need to work concurrently with other and get hands-on with the puzzles stopping you from escaping.

One of the greatest strengths of an escape room can also be one of its most difficult hurdles. In these rooms, there can be competitors of every background and age group that need to join together to meet a common goal.  When there are dozens of moving pieces and multiple clues being shown at once, any second wasted could be the difference between success and failure.  

Escape rooms allow for a sense of urgency that normal team building events cannot hope to compare with.  When Sherlock needs your help, there isn’t any time to check your email.

As escape rooms grow and mature with time they allow participants to “escape” from their everyday life where the only screen they need to be concerned with is that of the timer. Being in escape rooms really connects people and helps people learn each other far better than if they were outside the room.

These rooms make people put down their phones, even if it’s just for an hour, and converse and think in new ways. When people think in these new and strange ways a person can really learn about themselves and connect with others on a whole new level.

Even when a majority of escape rooms across the nation require that you turn off your phone before beginning the experience, you may find yourself forgetting that you even have your electronic devices on you when that timer starts counting down and the world is in your hands. The game completely changes the outlook on life even if it is only for an hour. No one focuses on anything going on in the world outside.

Everyone is too focused on the room to worry about what random celebrities are doing today, or who did what last night. No one cares about what is currently happening, they are too busy taking a break from the hectic thing we call life,getting  to know each other better and testing their knowledge.

Breaking away from any type of technology for any amount of time helps the development of our generation far better than the use of technology does. The use of the internet can make it difficult for children to learn how to properly interact with people, thus making them uncomfortable with social interaction.

If people just take time to put their phones, tablet, or video games away for any amount of time to interact with people then they can learn the proper ways to interact in any social setting. Escape rooms are one of the many great ways to learn new ways to interact and help people through tough situations!