It is important to find a balance between your work life and your personal life.

Whether you decided to tackle a summer class or gain some professional experience as a summer intern you may have realized, as your work load increases it can be extremely hard to enjoy any down time you have. I think lots of people, at every age, struggle finding a balance in work and life, especially me. So I decided to share some healthy habits and tips that you can use to try to prevent feeling unhappy and burnt out.



Some days I wake up, shower, and go straight to school/work and at the end of the day feel like I don’t have time to do anything else other than that. However, if you step back and examine your daily routine, there is a chance you will find some gaps. Whether these gaps are 10 minutes or 3 hours, you should fill them with activities you enjoy and ones that will help you recharge.

If you notice you do not have gaps in your schedule, maybe consider waking up an hour earlier to create some time to do something you like. A morning yoga session, a run, or catching up on some pleasure reading are all small things that can contribute tremendously on your mood for the day.

For those gaps in between work and home, getting into a good audio book or comedy playlist makes traffic fly by. For bigger plans that require coordination, like a weekly night out, it helps to be proactive about planning, even if it is a month in advance.

As the old saying goes “If you fail to plan, plan to fail.”


Like many of you, I was born an overachiever, but as I get older, my responsibilities are becoming seemingly endless. I now see how perfection is no longer in my reach and it’s definitely hard to let go. If you are constantly chasing perfection you are only going to let yourself down. So be more lenient with yourself, give yourself a break, you will definitely be happier with yourself.


I think one of the most important things in work-life balance is prioritizing the things that are most important to you. The other side of that is realizing the activities that waste your time. Ok, so sometimes we do not have control over the time-wasting activities we participate in (I hate traffic), but sometimes we do! Limit your time on social media throughout your work/school day.


Ok. We have made it to the two most obvious tips. I don’t know about you but I literally feel like everywhere I turn someone is telling me the importance of getting 8 hours of sleep and working out. Despite my stubbornness, nothing can beat the feeling after a kick butt workout. Those feel-good endorphins never leave me disappointed. I am also a huge advocate for getting enough sleep. The body uses sleep to restore muscle, regain energy and prepare you for the next day.

Although I may not be the best one giving advice in a subject I still haven’t mastered, I will say one thing; we all should constantly re-evaluate where and how we spend our energy and ask ourselves, “is this helping us get to where we want to be?”

I’ll leave with a quote, “When you’re at work, or outside of the office – be present. You can’t be at two places at once – so why not go all in, wherever you’re at.” – Ryan Alovis, CEO of Stella Group.

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