Job Interview

This interview advice may appeal more to business types and especially those looking into sales careers, however, I think this way of approaching interviews is generally applicable and will definitely get employers to remember you!


This is the most important step to any interview. Make sure you know all about the company, the role you’re interviewing for, and why you specifically would make a good fit. What’s their mission statement? What would you be doing for them? What skills and experience do you possess that will add value to the organization? Have these ideas written out and ready to talk about with specific experiences.

Also, talk to someone from in the company. See if your recruiter can get you in contact with a current employee and get insights on the company, role, and interview process. You can also look for connections on LinkedIn that may be willing to share information.

Additionally, you should read reviews online. The good and the bad. Take it all in and make appropriate questions that tailor to how you honestly feel about the position. Make sure these questions are ones you would feel comfortable asking after the interview, to see if this is really the role for you.

Direct the Conversation

You should enter every interview already knowing about the company, the role you’re interviewing for and why you would be a good fit. With this in mind, you should prove these things to the interviewer as soon as possible. Take control, do their job for them and prove you’re a good hire without making them ask specific questions to find out for themselves. If they start off the interview, as many do, by saying “Tell me about yourself,” this is a great time to show them you know about the company and role and can explain to them why they should hire you right off the bat.

If they don’t give you this opportunity right away, find a way to make sure the interviewer knows why you’re a good fit and explain the reasoning that brought you to the interview in the first place, before the conversation is over.

Ask Questions

Interviewers will expect that you have questions if you’ve seriously imagined yourself in this role. Ask about teamwork and communication and the things that are important to you. Ask how you can become an immediate contributor, and what the interviewer’s favorite thing about the company is. If all is going well, ask if they have any further concerns about your qualifications and if they feel ready, as you do, to accept that job offer!

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