Tuesday, July 25, 2017
confused college student

Lots of Money = Free College?

Colleges need your Money! Seemingly the obvious answer to this question is yes, however, when it comes to universities, having lots of money does not really do that much to cut a...
stack of money

What Happens To Old Money?

Up until recently, all old and tattered bills taken out of economical circulation would normally just be thrown into landfills, along with things like diapers, burritos, and analog clocks. Not a...
college graduate holding money in front of a chalk board

6 Common Finance Mistakes We All Make

Learning to manage your own finances can be a tough transition. Here are some things you should NOT do with your money. 1. Go out to eat every day 8 dollars might seem...
I saw you on "house hunters." You picked the wrong house, bitch

How to Save Money During and After Apartment Hunting

Start search for the perfect apartment early! The earlier you start looking the more options you will have for the perfect price and location. via GIPHY Wash clothes and run your dishwasher later at...

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