College Lifestyle Blog-Make Money in College

College can be a difficult time to save money for your future. Students face expenses like housing, tuition, books, living costs, loans, and other things that add up quickly. Even with a part-time job to help pay the bills, students typically do not receive that many hours due to the fact they also need time to study and go to classes during the week. I used to be a server at Pizza Hut and even though the job certainly helped with my expenses, I always found myself wishing I had another source of income.

Here are four ways to make money throughout your educational career (and even beyond that) according to ThePennyHoarder and from my own personal experience working in college.

1. Sell your extra belongings

If you are a college student who started out with a little extra cash to blow like I was, there is a good chance you have made some frivolous purchases. You may find yourself asking “why did I buy that $50 black light and tapestry when I could have used it for my internet bill?” This is a great opportunity to clean out your room and sell your unwanted items that are taking up space.

LetGo is a helpful mobile app that allows you to post photos of the items and sell them right from your phone. This app tracks your location and shows others users selling their items based off your zip code. Selling your items is as easy as taking a picture and posting a price on it. Buyers are quite frequent on this app. The products displayed range everywhere from cars to video game consoles, usually at a pretty cheap price.

2. Offer your services

If you are like me and are renting a house off-campus, this is a great opportunity to earn quick cash. Landlords often check on the house they are leasing to inspect for damages. Something is usually broken or  needing repairs, and rather than hiring a contractor to make repairs, offer to make touch-ups on the house yourself in exchange for rent money.

My landlord was complaining about the amount of work it would take to repaint my front and back porch. I offered to do that for her in exchange for rent money. She was actually really grateful as it saved her the trouble of finding a contractor. It only took me the weekend to scrap and repaint my porches and my landlord took a month and a half of rent off from my lease agreement. I essentially made $600 in a weekend simply painting.

Many universities have online bulletin boards where you can post other services such as lawn care, babysitting, car washing, or other services you have to offer.

3. Uber or Lyft

Uber and Lyft have become a nationwide phenomenon lately due to the fact that anyone with a car can become a taxi driver. As a driver, you can navigate locally and give people rides if you have extra time.

According to THePennyHoarder, driver requirements differ from city to city but generally you have to be 21, have several years of driving experience, and obviously you need to have a source of reliable transportation.

4. Contribute to blogs or newspapers

Local communities in college towns value students’ opinions and are often looking for additional articles or blog posts. Chances are your college newspaper club is probably looking for contributors and some will even pay money for submissions.

I wrote for my school’s newspaper called The Penn whom payed me $10 per article and $8 per picture with it. You also may receive additional benefits such as attending concerts for free since you would be reviewing the event.