Friday, January 19, 2018
GMAT Q&A Session

Debating Going to B-School or Taking the GMAT Exam?

Ask professional advice from current MBA students and GMAC representatives in a virtual Q&A session. Learn inside information like GMAT study tips, b-school application guides and benefits to a business degree. Business...
student sitting at a desk with a cup of coffee

LinkedIn Opportunities You Should Take Advantage Of

There's no doubt that having a LinkedIn is a great way to build your network within the professional world, and with the right things on your page you will look more...
Expert advice for job hungry college students

Expert Advice for Job Hungry College Students

Finding the right job after college is hard and landing that job can be even harder. There is no magic bullet or secret recipe for success, but there are a few...
Photograph of a group of designers sitting around a table brainstorming.

Ways To Stand Out At Your Internship

So you’ve landed an internship, great. Now you want to make sure that you are doing your best work, exceeding expectations, and impressing the right people. How would you do all...
Financial Plan Checklist GMAT sponsored by GMAT

Financial Plan Checklist

When planning for business school, tuition fees are just one of the costs you need to budget for. Whether you’re planning on relocating to study, giving up work in order to...
How To Finance Your Degree sponsored by GMAT

How To Finance Your Degree

The top reservation we hear from prospective students about pursuing a graduate business degree is the high cost of tuition/fees. Finances shouldn’t be a barrier to pursuing your degree. That’s why we...
Why You Should Take the GMAT sponsored by GMAT

Why You Should Take The GMAT

GMAT → B-School If you are interested in going to B-school, the GMAT is your first step. Why take the GMAT? The GMAT exam allows you to showcase your skills that are...
A multi-racial, young, professional woman standing in a professional building, smiling.

Professional Things You Should Be Starting in College

What is college really about? Being stressed out over assignments you don’t want to do? Never getting more than five hours of sleep a night? Sacrificing study time to engage in...
An arrangement of sushi and chopsticks in the shape of a dollar sign 4 ways to save $ on food while you're in school

4 Ways To Save Money On Food While You’re In School

We’re American. We’re young, hungry, adults. We’re foodies. When it comes to spending money, we definitely spend way too much on eating out. Why do we waste so much dough on...
driven, determined, dedicated

Driven, Determined, Dedicated

Trying to achieve a college degree is tough enough, not to mention the extra work that really needs to be put into it to maximizing the college experience. It is not...

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