Tuesday, July 25, 2017
driven, determined, dedicated

Driven, Determined, Dedicated

Trying to achieve a college degree is tough enough, not to mention the extra work that really needs to be put into it to maximizing the college experience. It is not...
developing experience throughout college

Developing Experience Throughout College

College should be a time of fun and excitement. Juggling classes, friends, football games, hangovers, and ever what else might be taken advantage of, can seem like all that needs to...
UConnection AroundCampus Group team

Internship Opportunity: UElite by UConnection

After 3 years, and a lot of great deals later, UConnection has grown to the #1 dining and nightlife app in the country. The app operates on 500+ campuses with deals...
business professional female

5 Ways to Build Your Resume Without a Job or Internship

Whether you are a first year or a returning college student, the new year brings in new waves of opportunity. Beyond the classroom and the social scene, it is important that you...
confused college student

Lots of Money = Free College?

Colleges need your Money! Seemingly the obvious answer to this question is yes, however, when it comes to universities, having lots of money does not really do that much to cut a...
stack of money

What Happens To Old Money?

Up until recently, all old and tattered bills taken out of economical circulation would normally just be thrown into landfills, along with things like diapers, burritos, and analog clocks. Not a...
young blonde female holding up fists screaming with excitement

7 Actions to Take to Ensure You Get the Job

1. Get a LinkedIn/Online Portfolio It's not as useful if you aren't established in your career, but it can give employers a chance to look at a more in-depth version of your...
college graduate holding money in front of a chalk board

6 Common Finance Mistakes We All Make

Learning to manage your own finances can be a tough transition. Here are some things you should NOT do with your money. 1. Go out to eat every day 8 dollars might seem...
I saw you on "house hunters." You picked the wrong house, bitch

How to Save Money During and After Apartment Hunting

Start search for the perfect apartment early! The earlier you start looking the more options you will have for the perfect price and location. via GIPHY Wash clothes and run your dishwasher later at...
The Importance of a Thank You Note with card that reads "Thanks! It meant a lot!"

The Importance of a Thank-You Note

One winter afternoon about 12 years ago, I was sitting in the living room of a large house in a nearby rural town surrounded by a litter of fluffy golden retriever...

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