Tuesday, July 25, 2017
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The Must Do’s and Absolute Don’ts of Online Networking

Networking is the key to landing your dream job and advancing your career. When done correctly, it can help you stand out in a flood of eager applicants or even learn...
Show That You're a Leader

Show That You’re a Leader

What makes a leader? Below are some guidelines based on my experience in the workforce: Put Others First: This is an inherent trait of a good leader; you care more about your...
Leading Projects

Leading A Project At Work

A couple of months ago, we discussed traits that make a good leader. Now let’s think specifically about how to be an effective leader on a project. Get Organized – Google docs...
Extra Mile

Going Above and Beyond Without Burning Out

Whether it is in grade school or in the real world, there’s always that one person who strives to go above and beyond. You may have been that student racing to...
Track Accomplishments

How to Keep Track of Accomplishments At Work

The best opportunities in life are often unplanned and may spontaneously appear. This is very true for job and career opportunities. Have you ever had a friend, professor, parent or co-worker...
Networking After An Event

Networking: Following Up After an Event

Each year, universities host more and more events that involve networking with people in the professional world. Following up with the people you connect well with will allow you to keep...
Google Yourself

Google Yourself

Don’t let younger, immature you stand in the way of older, career-oriented you. Okay, okay, I know you have heard your parents tell you this for years when it comes to social...
Setting goals

Setting Goals for Your Internship

You rocked your interview, you got the internship, and now you might be wondering “What next?” We all know that having an internship on your resume is important in helping you...
Glowing Reference

How to Get a Glowing Reference

You’ve got a perfect resume and flawless cover letter. You’ve double and triple checked your application. What else could you possibly need to land your dream job? An enthusiastic, glowing reference...
Add Numbers To Your Resume

Adding Sales Numbers to Your Resume

Resumes. It’s never-ending battle of reducing your life’s work to just a page or two. We’ve covered resumes before. After all, they are crucial in helping us secure our future. As a...

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