Friday, January 19, 2018
Networking 101

Networking 101

“It’s all about who you know, not what you know.” The number of times my parents told me this as I progressed through my college years is astounding! As I look...
Internship vs Summer Job Advice

Internship vs. Summer Job

“Should I get an internship?” That’s the question I asked myself every year in college as I started thinking about what I was going to do each summer. Of the four summers...
UConnection AroundCampus Group team

Internship Opportunity: UElite by UConnection

After 3 years, and a lot of great deals later, UConnection has grown to the #1 dining and nightlife app in the country. The app operates on 500+ campuses with deals...
Are you prepared for your first day of work

3 Easy Steps to Prepare for Your First Day at Your Internship

Advice on what to wear, how to remember everything, and ways to make friends, so you can take on responsibility and get the most out of your internship or job. I tend...

How To Prepare For Your First Career Fair

I remember the first career fair I went to in college. My university was very small and didn’t really have a strong Career Services department, so the fair was flooded with...
girl sitting in a chair by the window working on her laptop

The Must Do’s and Absolute Don’ts of Online Networking

Networking is the key to landing your dream job and advancing your career. When done correctly, it can help you stand out in a flood of eager applicants or even learn...
Benefits of a Mentorship

Benefits of a Mentorship

Throughout history, some of the greats were mentored by the greatest. Without their mentor, who knows where they or even the rest of us would be today. Would Oprah have been...
young blonde female holding up fists screaming with excitement

7 Actions to Take to Ensure You Get the Job

1. Get a LinkedIn/Online Portfolio It's not as useful if you aren't established in your career, but it can give employers a chance to look at a more in-depth version of your...
driven, determined, dedicated

Driven, Determined, Dedicated

Trying to achieve a college degree is tough enough, not to mention the extra work that really needs to be put into it to maximizing the college experience. It is not...
Financial Plan Checklist GMAT sponsored by GMAT

Financial Plan Checklist

When planning for business school, tuition fees are just one of the costs you need to budget for. Whether you’re planning on relocating to study, giving up work in order to...

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