Tuesday, July 25, 2017
Glowing Reference

How to Get a Glowing Reference

You’ve got a perfect resume and flawless cover letter. You’ve double and triple checked your application. What else could you possibly need to land your dream job? An enthusiastic, glowing reference...
Are you prepared for your first day of work

3 Easy Steps to Prepare for Your First Day at Your Internship

Advice on what to wear, how to remember everything, and ways to make friends, so you can take on responsibility and get the most out of your internship or job. I tend...
Getting The Most out of your Internship

Getting the Most Out of Your Internship: Do the Small Things

I’ve seen it happen many times: the beginning of the internship is filled with energy and enthusiasm, but by week four, the tasks seem boring and tedious and the countdown is...
girl sitting in a chair by the window working on her laptop

The Must Do’s and Absolute Don’ts of Online Networking

Networking is the key to landing your dream job and advancing your career. When done correctly, it can help you stand out in a flood of eager applicants or even learn...
Internship vs Summer Job Advice

Internship vs. Summer Job

“Should I get an internship?” That’s the question I asked myself every year in college as I started thinking about what I was going to do each summer. Of the four summers...
Why You Should Take the GMAT sponsored by GMAT

Why You Should Take The GMAT

GMAT → B-School If you are interested in going to B-school, the GMAT is your first step. Why take the GMAT? The GMAT exam allows you to showcase your skills that are...
developing experience throughout college

Developing Experience Throughout College

College should be a time of fun and excitement. Juggling classes, friends, football games, hangovers, and ever what else might be taken advantage of, can seem like all that needs to...
Photograph of a blue piggy bank wearing black rimmed glasses

How Do Student Loans Work?

With the cost of living, eating, and pretty much everything constantly increasing, chances are that a majority of college students will have to apply for student loans to help cover their...
A multi-racial, young, professional woman standing in a professional building, smiling.

Professional Things You Should Be Starting in College

What is college really about? Being stressed out over assignments you don’t want to do? Never getting more than five hours of sleep a night? Sacrificing study time to engage in...
Track Accomplishments

How to Keep Track of Accomplishments At Work

The best opportunities in life are often unplanned and may spontaneously appear. This is very true for job and career opportunities. Have you ever had a friend, professor, parent or co-worker...

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